• FPGAs are reprogrammable silicon chips. FPGA is an emerging technology which is built using prebuilt logic blocks and programmable routing resources. The FPGA can be configured to implement custom hardware functionality without ever having to pick up a breadboard or soldering iron.Benefits of FPGA Technology are performance, time to market, cost, reliability, and long-term maintenance.

  • Spartan®-6 FPGA is low cost, and low power device for cost-sensitive applications over previous generation devices. Part of Xilinx’s All Programmable FPGAs offer advanced power management technology, up to 150K logic cells, integrated PCI Express® blocks, advanced memory support, 250MHz DSP slices, and 3.2Gbps low-power transceivers. More details about the device could be obtained from Xilinx. During our training program we uncover all the aspect of FPGA technologies.
    ModelSim® from Mentor Graphics is widely used industry software for simulation of hardware design. The ModelSim provides Single kernel simulator (SKS) technology with a unified debug environment for Verilog, VHDL, and SystemC. The rich analysis and debugging techniques makes ModelSim® the simulator of choice for both ASIC and FPGA designs.

    Xilinx ISE®design software is the industry´s only FREE, fully featured front-to-back FPGA design solution for Linux, Windows XP, and Windows 7. Using Xilinx software we can design solution for FPGA and CPLD design offering HDL synthesis and simulation, implementation, device fitting, and JTAG programming. Xilinx ISE offers a complete, front-to-back design flow providing instant access to the ISE features and functionality at no cost. We provide training to the students from design, syntheiss and implementation on FPGA board. We provide regular and summer training program in the following area of the FPGA.

  • Training Program Description Eligibiility Duration
    Front End VLSI Design B. Tech/M.Tech/(ECE/EE/EI) 4 Weeks
    FPGA Design and Embedded System B. Tech/M.Tech/(ECE/EE/EI) 4 Weeks
    RFID and FPGA Design B. Tech/M.Tech/(ECE/EE/EI) 4 Weeks


About our Philiosophy

We build people and coach institutions, R & D organizations to design research plans, develop innovative technology and business process engineering plans.

We also creates industrial knowledgebase in the area of Electronics and Communications (VLSI Design, Embedded System, Communication Protocols etc, EDA Tool training and Automation). Apart from our dedicated process and product R & D Labs, we also provide institution support in Tools, Training, and R & D Facilities through our University Support Program.

News and Events

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