• Our solution can spot any suspicious behavior enable by alerting a security operator when something unusual is happening on screen. This includes, for example, someone running through premises or trying to enter a restricted area or jumping wall or walk at the same place for long. Our other technique closely monitors how groups of pixels move within the image. The statistical and intelligent model is used to identify the movements of normal or abnormal activity. Movements that are out of the ordinary can then be flagged up. Our Analytics software has been designed to operate with both indoor and outdoor cameras, detecting a wide range of surveillance situations involving people, vehicles and other objects. A comprehensive range of detection filters provide the means to discriminate the object behaviors appropriate to each surveillance scene, meaning that classification is always accurate.


Intelligent surveillance System

Features of Intelligent surveillance System offers:

 Perimeter Intrusion Detection
 Audio Recognition System(Sound Detection)
 Vehicle Monitoring
 People Counting
 Left/Removed Object Detection
 Loitering Detection
 Classification Detection
 Tamper Detection
 Auto number dialing to Police

Plateform: Windows, Linux, RaspBerry Pi, ARM 11

Using intelligence techniques our system recognizes sounds which are associated with crimes, including breaking glass, shouted obscenities and continuing car alarms. We can train the system to listen out for things like a swear word or being shouted in an aggressive way, or words which might signify a crime taking place.


About our Philiosophy

We build people and coach institutions, R & D organizations to design research plans, develop innovative technology and business process engineering plans.

We also creates industrial knowledgebase in the area of Electronics and Communications (VLSI Design, Embedded System, Communication Protocols etc, EDA Tool training and Automation). Apart from our dedicated process and product R & D Labs, we also provide institution support in Tools, Training, and R & D Facilities through our University Support Program.

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