• The training includes fundamental concepts of PCB Design, to the PCB editor/IED environment and the PCB layout process. You will gain hands‐on experience in integrating a source schematic, placing and routing the board and outputting the fabrication data. Our customized hands‐on lab exercises help reinforce lecture and discussion topics, and provide you with extensive tool usage experience under the guidance of our industry expert instructors.In this traininig you will learn followings:

  • • Create Padstacks, Cell (footprint), Part (PDB) definitions, components.
    • Create a Layout Template.
    • Start a PCB Layout by integrating with a schematic design.
    • Define Board Geometry, Place parts, swap pins & gates and back annotate.
    • Verify the Layout with on‐line and batch Design Rule Checking
    • Utilize the Constraint Editor System (CES) to define layout and routing constraints
    • Route, using both manual/interactive and automatic tools.
    • Generate Plane data
    • Finalize the Silkscreen
    • Generate Gerber Data
    • Basic SI consideration in PCB

  • Training Program Description Eligibiility Duration
    PCB Designing and Fabrication B. Tech/M.Tech/(ECE/EE/EI) 4 Weeks


About our Philiosophy

We build people and coach institutions, R & D organizations to design research plans, develop innovative technology and business process engineering plans.

We also creates industrial knowledgebase in the area of Electronics and Communications (VLSI Design, Embedded System, Communication Protocols etc, EDA Tool training and Automation). Apart from our dedicated process and product R & D Labs, we also provide institution support in Tools, Training, and R & D Facilities through our University Support Program.

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