MyResearch Labs is a Research and Development organization, with well experienced embedded and FPGA Technology Experts. MyResearch Labs enables researchers, potential end-users and interested professionals to trial some of the new technologies. We are also open for collaborations for both research projects and prototype developments. With regard to research we have expertise to judge whether your idea provides enough innovation in order to apply for public funding or not. If so, we can offer our services to conduct a state-of-the-art survey and help in writing a proposal for public funds.



We do research and develelopment in following areas :

• Consumer electronics
• Home and Industrial Automation
• Surveillance System
• Security Analytics
• Image Recognition
• Sensor networks

About our Philiosophy

We build people and coach institutions, R & D organizations to design research plans, develop innovative technology and business process engineering plans.

We also creates industrial knowledgebase in the area of Electronics and Communications (VLSI Design, Embedded System, Communication Protocols etc, EDA Tool training and Automation). Apart from our dedicated process and product R & D Labs, we also provide institution support in Tools, Training, and R & D Facilities through our University Support Program.

News and Events

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