MyResearch has started its journey in November 2012 with ambition to be part of embedded industry for development of products, R &D, Education and Training and University Support Programme. The MyResearch Labs has a strong vision to work on innovative idea of ignited minds. Our broad vision is as follows:

• To Develop Low Cost Hardware Solutions for Humanity
• To Develop Products in the area of Safety, Security and Health
• To Inspire Engineers and Research Scholar's imaginations about the potential applications for embedded technology
• Offer practical know-how for engineers
• To bridge gap between industry and academia through University Support Program

About our Philiosophy

We build people and coach institutions, R & D organizations to design research plans, develop innovative technology and business process engineering plans.

We also creates industrial knowledgebase in the area of Electronics and Communications (VLSI Design, Embedded System, Communication Protocols etc, EDA Tool training and Automation). Apart from our dedicated process and product R & D Labs, we also provide institution support in Tools, Training, and R & D Facilities through our University Support Program.

News and Events

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